How to Apply for a Marshalls Credit Card

Individuals usually apply for a store credit card for different reasons.  It will help to establish better credit or may give cardholders benefits from a store that they shop at often.  One store that carries a wide range of products is Marshalls.  Here are certain steps and requirements you need to apply for a Marshalls credit card.

1.  Read the rules

The most important thing you must do before applying for a Marshalls credit card is to read the terms and conditions.  These state the fees and charges that will incur when your payment late or fail to pay at all.  They explain the interest charges for the card as well.

2.  Find an application

You can obtain an application online or at any Marshalls store location.

3. Know about the restrictions

credit cards imageMarshalls places restrictions on certain applicants.  They will only process an application if you have not had a bankruptcy on your credit report.  You also may not have delinquent accounts in your background.  Finally, you must not have been denied by Chase Bank on any other application within the past 6 months.

4.  Needed information

The credit card application at Marshalls is relatively simple to fill out.  You must supply your name, address, and telephone number along with your social security number.  Also needed is your email address, date of birth, and annual income.  You must tell how long you have lived at your latest address and your driver’s license number.  They may also ask your mother’s maiden name and certain job information.  Financially, they may ask how much rent or monthly mortgage you pay and other kinds of bank accounts you possess.

5.  Get to know about the credit cards

Marshalls is tied to another store named TJ Maxx and offers two kinds of credit cards.  You may get either the TJX Rewards Credit Cards or the TJX Rewards MasterCard.  With the TJX Rewards Card, you will get a 10% discount on your next store purchase.  You will enjoy 5 points on the dollar for all that you spend at Marshalls and its store affiliates.  Each 1000 points will earn you a $10 certificate.  You also get unlimited rewards and benefits.  The TJX Rewards MasterCard is similar to the Rewards Card except that you also earn 1 point for each dollar spent on purchases anywhere.

If you enjoy shopping at Marshalls Department Store, it is smart to apply for a Marshalls credit card.  The process is easy and you will begin earning rewards and benefits toward future purchases to save even more money.